Saturday, November 7, 2009

To Start Off, I Like Oranges.

When you look at my blog, you think, hey look another average person obsessed with fruit. Yes and no. Yes i like fruit. No I am not an average person. I am that little voice in your head to tell you to brush your teeth, or feed your cat, or take a shower. No, not your conscience. I'm different. I'm that person that when I see something, I will tell you. Because, your my best friend. I will tell you my thoughts but I'm not going to say anything bad about anyone. Just expressing my opinions. Just a normal person, who happens to love orange, who has to say what I feel. Have fun.

Question Of The Day: How do you open an orange?


  1. Love this post! It made me smile :)

  2. Very creative. I look forward to more posts.

  3. You are an interesting writer Dana. I like your posts. :)