Sunday, November 15, 2009

Corn Maze

My experience at the corn maze was far better than I had remembered it at a young age. Our church group went for an activity and i took along my best friend. When we got there, the lady at the concession stand called out my name in joy and told me to come there. She embraced me reminding me she babysat for me when I first moved here. Then we went into the corn maze...and it wasn't supposed to be scary cause the scary part closed after Halloween. Well,our church leaders decided to make it interesting and dressed up in can probably see where this is going but I will tell you I was terrified and the other three people with me were too. We all ran out of the corn maze(back to the entrance) and we even went back. After there were more people who scared us, we decided we had gotten our share of surprise. Then we went on the cow train,which is made for tiny kids, but we didn't care. It was great and it jogged my memory of the corn maze.After that me and my best friend dove into a big barrel of corn which is completely pointless but we started a corn fight!(kinda like a food fight) Then there was a big inflatable tarp that you can jump on!! We slid down it, walked up it,jumped on it, and fell off many times. My friend and I even got in some tether ball after that.Then, my favorite part, was the barn swing. The barn swing is when this guy straps you up real tight, makes you lean against his arm,and releases you. You go flying everywhere in the barn! It was a great experience, now i want to go to the maze EVERY year!!!(:

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